We Offer a Wide Selection of American Dishes

Satisfy everyone in your party with a huge selection of American favorites as well as daily drink specials at our full bar. Place your order for takeout or visit our convenient location! We offer happy hours from Monday to Friday.


Specials Menu


Zack Attack Fries

Try our new signature appetizer! A giant bed of our crispy french fries topped with loaded cheese sauce (ground beef, red onions, bell peppers and tomatoes) and finished with jalapenos and chopped green onions.
$ 9.99

Pork Belly Tacos

Roasted pork belly with a homemade pineapple pico and Korean BBQ sauce, served in a flour tortilla with Asian slaw on the side.
$ 9.99

Tuna Poke Salad

Tuna marinated and seared medium rare on a bed of fresh spinach. Topped with roasted avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, and drizzled with sriracha dressing.
$ 10.99

Dinner Special (Available After 4PM) - Steak & Frites

Flank steak marinated and cooked to perfection on top of hand-cut garlic red potato fries. Finished with a red wine rosemary gravy and garnished with parsley.
$ 16.99




  • Best Beer Selection
  • Best Locally Owned Restaurant
  • Best Lunch in 30 Minutes

Among the best:

  • Among the Best Creative Cuisine
  • Among the Best Happy Hours
  • Among the Best French Fries
  • Among the Best Sports Bar/Nightclubs
  • Among the Best Salads
  • Among the Best Outdoor Dining  


  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 


  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 
  • Restaurant wait staff 
  • Atmospheres. 
  • Po-Boys 


  • Best beer selection
  • Best lunch in under 30 minutes

Among the best:

  • Outdoor dining 
  • Happy hour 
  • Sports bars 

WCBI Viewer's Choice 2019

  • Best Lunch
  • Best Catering
  • Best Chef - Lance 

WCBI Viewer's Choice 2020

  • Winner Best Happy Hour
  • Preferred Business - Best Lunch

Zachary's Wins Restaurant Neighbor Award 3 Years in a Row!

Our very own Zachary's Restaurant has been awarded the Restaurant Neighbor Award for the third year in a row by the National Restaurant association Education Foundation. This prestigious award honors restaurants that go above and beyond in community service and philanthropy. It aims to inspire other restaurateurs to get or stay involved in their local communities.

Zachary's raised over $40,000 for local and national causes in 2018. They also provided over $30,000 worth of in-kind services to charitable organizations. Causes supported by Zachary's are wide-ranging, but focus mainly on local non-profits and community movements. Every facet of Zachary's presence in Columbus is based on building relationships and giving back with either delicious food donations or fundraisers put together by their dedicated staff.

Visit Zachary's, your 2019 Restaurant Neighbor Award Winner and be a part of the goodwill they are dishing out!

Customer Reviews

Mason Gerberg

“It's hands down some of the best food you can get in the area. They have reasonable prices for the food, and their staff are always friendly and willing to answer any questions about the food. Overall a place you have to go to if you're in Columbus.”

Max S.

“I think I have tried every thing on the menu. Never had a bad meal. Can't pick just one, because they are all great. The atmosphere is the best of any restaurant in town. The staff is what makes this place great. They do a ton of work and they seem to have a fun time doing it. For causal Dinning this is the one of the best places in Columbus. We have tried them all and zackarys is the best!”

Stephanie Frake Partridge

“Zachary's is a mainstay of downtown Columbus, MS. Good food, good people, good prices. In the evenings they sometimes have live music as well.”

Meredith C.

“Zachary's is an awesome, laid back place  to eat! It's conveniently located downtown and it's one of the only restaurants in town with outdoor seating...which blows my Mind because the city is on a river...but I'll complain about that elsewhere. The new chef has an amazing menu. The shrimp wrap is delicious, the pasta dishes are phenomenal, and the shrimp/fish salads are healthy and tasty. I also appreciated that all meals are served on pewter dishes. Also, they have one of the best bottled beer selections in town. All in all, a fun location for dinner or lunch.”

Jackie Taylor

“Food was delicious, portions were so large we all had enough Left over for lunch the next day. Our waitress was wonderful.”